Origin Breeding

The history of a diva

Every breeder dreams of creating a unique masterpiece, a new variety. Sometimes a masterpiece occurs spontaneously; purely by chance, in response to an error by Mother Nature. This is how Calandiva came about.

In 1998 a Swedish grower discovered a purple Kalanchoe that was quite different to the other flowers. While he was working alongside a colleague he saw from the corner of his eye that she was about to throw away an unusual looking plant. He immediately contacted Ike Vlielander, the original Kalanchoe breeder, who was quick to see that this fabulous flowering Kalanchoe had huge potential. It was in fact a spectacular mutant and for the first time in his career, the breeder found himself holding a stunning Kalanchoe flower with 32 petals instead of the usual 4.

Fides started breeding and in 2002 Fides launched the first decorative Kalanchoe varieties on the world. The special variety was marketed as a new line under the Calandiva® brand name. After years of intensive breeding it became clear that this plant, which is now available in a host of colours, was set to revolutionise the Kalanchoe assortment. The rest of this success story is known.