Nyheder Calandiva colours cash & carry’s Landgard

Calandiva colours cash & carry’s Landgard

Last week, Calandiva was promoted for Mother’s Day in the Landgard establishment Wuppertal. And, this wasn’t the first successful presentation. In Germany, Calandiva is beloved as well. Gaertnerei Köllen produces and supplies his Calandiva varieties in Germany. The last months, Calandiva is prominently put in the spotlight at Landgard cash and carry’s.

Lots of florists were inspired by beautiful, attractive presentations of Calandiva, used in different theme’s. There was an Easter theme, where the Diva was exposed her multi colouring. During the Mother’s Day presentation a great impression was shown. The value of the flowering pride and keepability of Calandiva, with her bright colours, were specifically emphasized. The colour red for Mother’s Day was specifically emphasized. After this sales promotion, sales really increased. The florists were very enthusiastic about the given inspiration and they recognized the value of the plant.

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