The Calandiva Growers

We proudly show you the growers behind this passionate brand. Want to know more? Click on their names and get to know their passion for this seductive beauty.


The name Amarantis means eternal growth and flowering. Think that sounds ambitious? So do we. It reflects what makes us enthusiastic: cultivating beautiful plants, every day!

To grow a beautiful product like Calandiva at its best a lot of variables play a role: light, water, nutrients, CO2, temperature, humidity, etc. The trick is to always synchronise these elements with each other, so the plants can grow and develop optimally in all seasons. The choices you make as a grower translate into the end result, in other words, the quality of the plant that reaches the consumer.

After all, that’s what we do it for. Our aim is to make every plant one that the consumer can enjoy for a long time. This explains why we chose the Calandiva-range, varieties that guarantee 5 weeks of flowering. However, experience has taught us that a large number of the varieties we grow flower for even much longer than 5 weeks.

Amarantis carries a wide range of Calandiva in different colours and packaging. Let yourself be surprised by the endless possibilities!

Contact: Jan Pieter van der Houwen
van ’t Hoffweg 4
4333 RE Middelburg
The Netherlands
+31 (0)118 62 65 90

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