The Calandiva Growers

We proudly show you the growers behind this passionate brand. Want to know more? Click on their names and get to know their passion for this seductive beauty.


Growing passion. Our pay off says it all. Quality, credibility, innovation, value creation and teamwork. At ByGrowers, all of their activities are based on a strong set of values - sharply defined and implemented through constant development, uncompromising workmanship and a professional sales platform. We work with passion and an unwavering focus on creating value for the customer in order to accommodate our customers' different and unique needs - whatever their size and volume requirements are. Due to this we proudly won the Grower of the Year award in Denmark.

ByGrowers A/S
Contact: Jesper Madsen
Nyborgvej 651
DK - 5220 SØ
+ 45 6595 1134

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