The Calandiva Growers

We proudly show you the growers behind this passionate brand. Want to know more? Click on their names and get to know their passion for this seductive beauty.


Rosborg Denmark was founded in 1980, and today is one of Denmark’s largest producers of miniature flowering plants. The ownership was strengthened in 2013 when the employees bought the company, in collaboration with a group of investors. In co-operation with their customers, rosborg are able to put together many different solutions that correspond to the needs of the individual client.

Team Rosborg consists of skilled, service-minded and trustworthy employees with many years of seniority and experience. Rosborg devote many resources to producing our mini-pots with great care for the environment. They are committed to the MPS and Global GAP international environmental labels.

Feel free to contact Rosborg:

Brændekildevej 43
DK-5250 Odense SV
Tel: +45 63 96 33 00


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