Brand Story

The story of Calandiva and Grandiva

1998 | Founded in Denmark

The introduction of the first decorative Kalanchoe ever: Calandiva®. It was founded during the packaging process at one of our customers in Denmark. Kalanchoe breeder Ike Vlielander immediately used it in his breeding process.


2002 | Four years of intensive breeding leads to result: Calandiva® is born!

1 june 1998

The first decorative kalanchoe plant was born after an intensive breeding process. Its name? Leonardo! Since then, it has flowered as a brand, product and trusted name. The offer of double flowered Klanchoe increased enormously over the last decades. Thanks to its unique benefits and broad pallet of beauty, it is loved by consumers, but as well by traders and retailers all over the world. A wide range of colors and pot sizes from 6cm up to 23cm and her unique flower shape... Calandiva® seduces everyone!

2012 | Introducing a new line: Grandiva®

Calandiva goes large: the introduction of Grandiva® was placed in 2012! A subline of the decorative Calandiva characterized by her large flowers. All products in this series have a very large flower diameter of at least two centimeters along with beautiful flower buds. She is the first series of large-flowered decorative Kalanchoes new to the market. These characteristics are what makes Grandiva stand out. The special full umbel and beautiful plant shape are perfectly proportioned and unique.  Grandiva is an ideal combination of large flower buds, beautiful umbels with the trusted quality of Calandiva!

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