Brand Story

1980 | Beginning of the Kalanchoe breeding.

The focus on breeding of the Kalanchoe`s started in 1981 and the first introduction of the first varieties took place in 1983.

1998 | First double Kalanchoe founded !

It happened in Scandinavia, a Kalanchoe grower found a mutation within his single flowered Kalanchoe (variety Bromo). He thought this really is something special! He took the plant to breeder Ike Vlielander (Fides| Dümmen Orange).

2002 | Four years of intensive breeding leads to result: Calandiva® is born!

The first decorative Kalanchoe plant was born after 4 years of intensive breeding. Worlds first decorative Kalanchoe was introduced with the name Leonardo! This special plant came into the market along 3 other colors under the brand name: Calandiva®. Since this day it is loved by consumers, but as well by traders and retailers all over the world. A wide range of colors and pot sizes from 6cm up to 23cm and her unique flower shape... Calandiva® seduces everyone!

2012 | Introduction of Grandiva®

The introduction of Grandiva® was placed in 2012! A subline of the decorative Calandiva characterized by her large flowers. All products in this series have a very large flower diameter of at least two centimeters along with beautiful flower buds. She is the first series of large-flowered decorative Kalanchoes new to the market.

2015 | Single flowered Kalanchoe goes fancy!

With new developments in genetics on larger flowers and brighter colours, a new brand of single-flowered Kalanchoe was introduced in March 2015. This fancy plant was called Calanday®, a refreshing and stylish brand for every day. The kalanchoe had also a brand for the kalanchoe`s outdoor and for special colors. Calanday® Outdoor and Calanday® Sublime.

2019 | The beginning of a new age for Calandiva®

Today there is on the market several types, colors and brands of Kalanchoe, but Calandiva®, has been for the past 20 years the strongest and the premium brand for double Kalanchoe, being easily recognize by consumers all over the world. With this in view, in 2019 we decided that Grandiva® and Calanday® will be merged with Calandiva® brand. So from 2020, Calandiva® wil no longer be a brand for only double flowered Kalanchoe but for all types of Kalanchoes: double, single and special flowers!

For us, all plants are real Divas! After the rebranding, they will be represented in a new and elegant sleeve. The Calandiva® brand is now a complete assortment of the best Kalanchoe genetic.

A selection of specialized, experienced kalanchoe growers ensure an appearance that is worthy of a real diva: an elegant, full plant structure, colorfast, sparkling colours, a rich flower display and the longest possible shelf life. The Divas are strong plants, very easy to look after and they take care of their environment! They captivate everyone with their charms and quickly find a way to into any surroundings. That is what makes Calandiva® a real Diva!

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